Writing Unique Content That Will Pass Plagiarism Check: 7 Simple Tips

You will learn how to write content that pass plagiarism check like a professional paraphrasing service online provider


Finding information for research papers and other content documents is relatively easy, especially using the internet. What is not always that easy to do is to add that information into your content without falling into the trap of plagiarism. There are easy ways to write content that will pass plagiarism check. Online paraphrase service providers and professional content writers have been known to use these tips effectively to deliver great jobs for their clients. We will provide 7 tips in this article that should help you write unique content that will pass the plagiarism checks.

  1. Paraphrase

Having found information that is perfect for content, begin by reading it and putting it into your own words. Ensure that you do not do a verbatim duplication of more than two words in a row from the text you are using. If you have to use more than two words together, make use of quotation marks.

  1. Cite

The best paraphrasing service providers usually cite their references in their work. You can follow their examples here. Citing is an effective way to avoid plagiarism. There are a number of document formatting guidelines to follow (i.e. MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) Citing entails the addition of authors’ names, the publication dates and other needed information. Citing is easy. If you do not cite a text you copied verbatim, you have plagiarized.

  1. Quote

When you quote a source, let the quote appear exactly the way it was written. One paraphrasing service online clearly described how best to do this. No author wants to be misquoted. Some tertiary institutions frown at “block quotes” of 40 or more words. You should be able to use effective quoting in your content writing. Besides adding credibility to your work, it will project your work as unique.

  1. Citing Quotes

Citing a quote is quite different from citing paraphrased material. To cite quotes, you  usually need to add a page number, or a paragraph number if you’re writing web content.

  1. Cite Your Own Material

Sometimes, you may want to use some of your own material that you probably used for a different work, perhaps in your current class or a previous one. In this case, you must have to cite yourself. You are required to treat the text the same way you would treat someone else’s. Using material you have previously used on a different work is not acceptable. It is called self-plagiarism.

  1. Make Reference

Include a reference page of the works you cited at the end of your research paper. This is a great way to ensure you pass plagiarism checks. This is not only applicable when writing academic documents alone, but on several other kinds of works, including nominal articles, eBooks and guides. This information should be quite specific and must include the author(s), date of publication, the titles, and sources. There are different kinds of referencing. You may want to follow your chosen referencing directions carefully so as to get the references right.

  1. Avoid Repeating Structure

Overcome the temptation to duplicate words. It is considered an act of plagiarism and is considered illegal. Whether you are up against a deadline or you lack of ideas, do not use an article to create another one. SEO articles and other content is required to be original, so that the site’s reputation can be maintained

There are websites that help writers check for plagiarism. Some go beyond just  displaying the percentage of the duplicate text to providing links to the documents where the content were copied from. You should pass your content through this kind of plagiarism tool to avoid any case of duplicity.

Checking Research Papers

Just like a paraphrasing service online would do, be sure to carefully edit your content  carefully and check it for plagiarism before submitting it. The steps mentioned above are essential for great content writing. You should also use plagiarism checker services to assess your paraphrasing skills. You may also want to use the services of a paraphrasing service to avoid plagiarism. Educational institutions and your end clients are likely to use many different kinds of plagiarism checker software to check your content. Do not take chances of not thoroughly checking your research paper. Plagiarism could cost you that contract, or even result to the loss of your academic degree.

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